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Surprise, surprise!

It was like we knew the second lockdown was coming, like we have a sixth sense. Last weekend we snuck away for a cheeky weekend glamping. Little did we know it would be last opportunity we got for a...

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More than just business

As some of you may be aware we are both members of BNI chapters in the Birmingham and Black Country Region. We have been members over 2 years now and have seen lots of great examples of members...

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It’s not all one way!

Company Name: Restful Homes Group Industry: Nursing Home Project Requirement: Creation, supply and installation of one way vision window vinylRestful Homes Group’s requirements:Restful Homes first...

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Lockdown, shmockdown

Here we go again! It’s here, the rule of 6. Well that’s us scuppered isn’t it? Being a family of 6 has meant we need to rethink our meeting strategies. As if being a family of 6 is not testing...

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Hi-de-Hi Campers!

Aaaahhhh! These last few months have been absolutely crazy at PN HQ. We’ve all been busy bees, especially juggling a busy schedule and having the tribe off school. Loads of signage installations,...

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Hi-de-Hi Campers! (part trois)

I believe Kelly has been filling you in on our slightly eventful weekend away the other week It was a tad cold and to be honest, getting the car stuck was not ideal but we still had loads of fun and...

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Hi-de-Hi Campers! (part deux)

Well, that was eventful. Camping with 4 kids is never the easiest and most relaxing of breaks, but they’re always fun, and that's how we roll as a family. But it really couldn’t have started off any...

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DOH! I am such a numpty!

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I do a good job of it I want you to picture the situation. It’s Monday morning, 5.15am and I’ve just arrived at work. Bright eyed and bushy tailed,...

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Another tick in the box ✓

Well, it’s only taken me 144 days but I’ve done it. It’s been on my tick list since lockdown and I can happily say ‘I have completed it’. Amongst many culinary delights we’ve created as a family...

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