Case Study: George Taylor Lifting Equipment

Company Name: George Taylor Lifting Equipment
Date: February 2017 – ongoing
Industry: Manufacturing
Project Requirement: Creation, supply and installation of signage and promotional products

George Taylor Lifting Equipment’s Requirements:

Following a move to a new head office on the outskirts of Walsall, more than double the size of their previous building, George Taylor Lifting Equipment wanted to jazz-up their new offices with bold, statement branding – but had no idea what was possible or where to start.

Our awesome response:

After being introduced by George Taylor’s graphic designer, Kate Curry of The Curry Design Studio, Mat:

  • Visited the new premises to assess the space and offer advice and suggestions.
  • Offered practical suggestions that solved issues within the open-plan office, such as sound boards to absorb noise and prevent echoing – as well as creating decorative features.
  • Measured and quoted on several options, including suitable materials for different areas of the offices.
  • Suppled and installed the chosen products ensuring high-quality workmanship with minimal disruption to employees of George Taylor Lifting Equipment.

How we combine our creativity and product knowledge

Working for 25+ years in the print and sign business means we’ve created signs for all sorts of spaces – tall, small, vacuous and vast! We’ve also worked with every material out there and instinctively know what will work best for each separate use.

Combining our creative eye (from having seen sooooo many signs in our time!), with our extensive product knowledge (from making them), means we can come up with the optimum solution that not only looks incredible, but will be long-lasting and practical too.

“Fantastic from the very first meeting to the last”

Internal Posters
Internal Posters

A fellow creative’s point of view:

Graphic designer, Kate Curry, of The Curry Design Studio, said:

“George Taylor’s office space was a blank canvas when Mat and I walked around the new premises.

“There is a large reception area with tall walls and a feature staircase which is flooded with natural light from above.

“Mat came up with the great idea of three acrylic banners of different sizes to make a statement in this area. It was a stroke of genius.

“Mat is proactive and a problem-solver who delivers great ideas and excellent customer service.”

Client comments:

“This wasn’t only about printing images for decoration. Mat’s idea for sound boards, which absorbed noise and cut out echoing in our open plan offices with concrete walls, was functional as well as visually striking. He manufactured them and printed on digital images.

“Mat and Kate made a great team. It was so helpful that Mat provided a one-stop-shop to design, supply and install all the products we needed.

“I plan to continue working with Personalised Nation on more promotional products and corporate gifts.”

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