Personalised School Essentials


Our fantastic array of personalised school products are a great way for your child to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

All of our personalised school products can be personalised with any photo, image or text, and can even be personalised with a child’s hand drawn illustration.

Every personalised school products is manufactured using robust and hardwearing materials so they are extremely durable and virtually ‘playground resistant’.

We have chosen these products after performing extensive market research with parents, friends with children and local schools. This giving us an insight into what products would suit your child at school.

The personalised rucksacks are an essential for any infant starting school or small child already attending. The small rucksacks and medium rucksacks have removable flaps, giving you the opportunity to change the design without incurring the cost of having to buy a whole new rucksack.

We also offer a range of personalised insulated lunch bags and personalised pencil cases. Both of which are available in three different colours; red, blue and black. These are also the same colours as the small rucksacks so you could treat your child to all three products. So not only would they be the same colour they will also be personalised, either by yourself, or with your child’s input.

On top of the personalised insulted lunch bag, we also offer a standard lunch box with a plastic lid, which give you a cheaper option when it comes to transporting your sandwiches.

There is a personalised shoe bag available, which is ideal for carrying P.E. kits, gym kits, swimming costumes etc.

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