Bar Blade

State-of-the-art personalised bottle opener for all those budding bar tenders

Using the Designer


When available, check that you have selected the correct size/options before starting your design. These options are usually found above the designer but occasionally appear in the blue header of the designer which can be accessed by pressing "Product Options".


Start personalising your product by pressing "Add" in the blue header of the designer. Images, background images and text which are meant to be printed on the face of the product must be kept within the grey line. The red line is the bleed area and for use by Personalised Nation and will not be seen once printed.


If your chosen product has multiple design areas (shown as thumbnails on the right of the designer) ensure all of these have been personalised before proceeding. When you are ready, choose your quantity and press "Add To Basket".


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These state of the art bottle openers are also called speed opener, mamba, popper and of course bar blades.  They are used all over the world in bartending competitions allowing faster and stylish opening of bottles.  Not only are they small enough to fit in your pocket but they also have a hole in the top to allow for displaying and storing them.  They can be personalised with text and logos making them the perfect promotional material for any business.  They are also ideal for those people lucky enough to have a bar in their home.  Impressing their guests with their newly found bottle opening skills.  Our bar blades would make an ideal gift and can also be personalised with a funny anecdote or joke that the recipient would treasure forever.  The overall size of the bar blade is 18 cm x 4 cm and is a slim line 2mm thick, making it both sleek and stylish.