Coat Hook

An exquisite coat hanger supplied with three double hooks, with a display area big enough to add your favourite photo

Using the Designer


When available, check that you have selected the correct size/options before starting your design. These options are usually found above the designer but occasionally appear in the blue header of the designer which can be accessed by pressing "Product Options".


Start personalising your product by pressing "Add" in the blue header of the designer. Images, background images and text which are meant to be printed on the face of the product must be kept within the grey line. The red line is the bleed area and for use by Personalised Nation and will not be seen once printed.


If your chosen product has multiple design areas (shown as thumbnails on the right of the designer) ensure all of these have been personalised before proceeding. When you are ready, choose your quantity and press "Add To Basket".


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When choosing this product we had quality in at the forefront of our minds.  Our personalised coat hangers are extremely well manufactured and are made from 1.6 cm thick MDF.  The edges are coated in a light beach wooden coating and the back is coated in black and is also pre-drilled to allow for easy installation.  The face plate is pre-drilled with holes to allow the hooks to easily be attached using a screwdriver.  The coat hangers are supplied with three matt silver double coat hooks, giving ample space to hang a number of different coats and other clothing.  The display area size is approx. 40.5cm wide x 20.5 cm deep, giving a large space for you to display your favourite photo.  Whether it be of your loved ones, special holiday destination or pet.  This personalised coat hanger makes a great gift or present and would be ideal for any special occasion including birthdays, wedding or anniversaries.