Rucksack Small

Our great personalised rucksack which is ideal for small children and will make them the envy of their friends

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Rucksack Small Black
Rucksack Small Black
Rucksack Small Blue
Rucksack Small Blue
Rucksack Small Red
Rucksack Small Red
Rucksack Small Flap Only
Rucksack Small Flap Only
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Want your child to stand out from the crowd at school?  Why not treat them to our small personalised rucksack.  They are available in three colours, black, red and blue.  They can be personalised to include any photo, image or text.  Why not add your child’s favourite photo, or a photo of their favourite pet.  Or you could get creative and let your child take the photo themselves.  We can even print them using a child’s drawings.  All you will need to do is scan in your drawing and add it to our online designer and we will do the rest.  The overall size of the personalised rucksack is 28 cm x 24 cm and the printable flap is 20.5 cm x 24.5 cm.  The internal measurement is approx 22 cm x 16 cm, so suitable for books of this size or smaller.  The rucksack flaps are detachable so can be changed in the future by ordering a new one from us, thus making it extremely cost effective and long lasting.  The personalised rucksack has an assortment of internal zipped pockets and two external mesh pouches.  Why not add one of our insulated lunch bag or pencil cases which are available in the same colours.

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Rucksack Small Colours

Rucksack Small Black, Rucksack Small Blue, Rucksack Small Red, Rucksack Small Flap Only