A car and a plant walk into a bar…

by | Personalised Nation

No, this isn’t the start of some cheesy joke, but actually a story of how our car and a plant became best friends…

Now, as much as I’d like a fancy car, with me, Mat and 4 kids in tow, we need something practical.

Something that can take us to meetings but can also double up as a school bus and have enough space to take us camping.

So, our faithful 8 seater fits the bill perfectly.

We are always out and about in this car.

So, we decided to get our car wrapped so that everywhere we went people would see our branding and what we do.

After designing the perfect graphics and printing them to perfection, we handed it over to our fitter to make it look stunning.

And this is where the little plant makes an appearance.

You see, we haven’t really paid much attention to our car and it’s been a bit neglected…

Which means none of us noticed when a lovely little plant started growing out of the bonnet!

It seems that while we weren’t giving the car any attention, it created a perfect environment for this little plant and had spent a number of months becoming besties!

Luckily, our very talented fitter managed to remove it without any damage so it’s now been repotted into a beautiful, handmade vinyl plant pot where it will live out the rest of its days in bliss.

How true is the moral of this story though?

When things are practical, they tend not to be shown that much care and attention when in fact, they need it more than most.

The necessity of having such a practical car made us lose that emotional connection.

As the country opens back up, everyone will be dashing out to see both new customers and old.

They’ll take the necessary business cards, brochures and leaflets.

Yes, they are practical and a necessity, but they should be printed with the care and affection that befit your brand.

So let us give your printing all the love it deserves, just email me at kelly@personalised-nation.co.uk or call me on 01543 677794 and watch the magic happen.


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