Blaaaaaah, Blaaaaaah, Blaaaaaah

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Sometimes the simple things in life put a smile on your face.

As you well know, we’ve been busy decorating over the last few weeks.

And I hate decorating, even more than gardening and that’s saying something.

But last weekend we were heading into the final straight.

The final bedroom to complete before Christmas.

The little ens were once again carted off the Nanny’s house so we could complete the decoration with minimal interruptions.

And it worked a treat, we even managed to play an all time classic.

Cast your mind back to the late 80’s.

I struggled as I was only young, honest.

But it’s when kids TV was at its finest.

Saturday mornings were amazing.

And the greatest of them all and probably the craziest was Wackaday.

Don’t tell me you didn’t watch it, I know you did.

Do you remember Mallets Mallet.

A word association game where you mustn’t pause or hesitate or you get a bash on the head like this, or like this.

This is the part where the kids would get hit on the head with a big rubber hammer.

I know, mad isn’t it, but funny.

So when I found a big fluffy hammer on the toy shelf, what else are we going to do?

Yep, whack the kids (and Kelly) with a big fluffy hammer.

We must have played for about an hour, we even watched an episode on YouTube (the kids were slightly less impressed with this than playing to be honest).

“Did you really watch this” and “It’s not very funny” were some of the comments.

Me and Kelly were laughing and it was amazing to see how it was ok to whack a kid on the head with a hammer in the 80’s.

Not sure you could get away with that nowadays.

Times change and looking back (even though it was a long time ago) and it was strange seeing how much things have changed.

Change is good, change keeps you on your toes.

We’re constantly evolving at PN HQ and implementing changes within our business to help you.

Like our signage and print consultation.

Where we take a look at what you are currently buying and using to see if it’s cost effective and to make sure you aren’t wasting time and money.

Good idea?

Give me a call on 01543 677794 to see how we can help you.

Right, one last weekend of DIY, putting stuff up and I’m done.

Just in time for Crimbo.


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