Gold, gold, always believe in your soul!

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No, we haven’t turned into Spandau Ballet… as much as I wish Mat sang like Tony Hadley it’s just not the case.

What a lot of people don’t realise, however, is that belief in yourself and who you are is what gets you where you want to be.

And this belief helped us to smash our personal goals that we told you about last week, so it’s only right to tell you about how this same belief has helped us with our business goals!

Back in January (which feels like a lifetime ago!) Mat and I were getting really excited about what 2021 will bring for us and we sat down to look at what we wanted to achieve.

Mat even went as far as declaring this year as “The Year of Champions” and you know what? He was right!

To set us off on the right path, we decided that we needed to bring in some outside help, those who are champions in their fields. The gladiators of their industries.

So in came Jaanika and her team at Time Assist to help us with all of our admin, Paul Breslin from Breslins to help us really get to grips with our growth plans and finances and Hannah Montgomery from Golddust Marketing to really help us sparkle.

Then came the cherry on top. We’ve been able to work smarter and faster by bringing all of our processes into one place using an amazing piece of software called Odoo, from the wizards Andy & Jane Dyson over at Sapentia.  

And honestly, these 4 months have been incredible. We can not shout about each of these 5 people enough. They have helped us more than they can ever know!

Now, we are really seeing the fruits of all our hard work and dedication with some incredible projects coming up.

We’re heading up to Manchester to do a full fit out with some amazing wall graphics, window manifestations and signage that will turn heads. We’re not just doing the fit out… Oh no… we’re also helping with the design and creation of this too!

Then it’s off to Wembley to help a brilliant children’s nursery with some external signage, really cool window manifestations and eye catching window graphics.

Finally, we’ll be heading closer to home and working with a charity in Birmingham with their rebrand. They’ll be getting some new signage and window graphics across 3 of their sites, as well as turning their cars into mobile advertisements with some vehicle graphics!

And all of this has only been possible because of our belief, hard work, dedication and the support of those 5 amazing people.

But, if we hadn’t set those goals, would we be in the fantastic place we are now? Probably not. And that’s why taking the time to set goals in your business is so important.

So, when you’ve got your goals set, give me a shout on 01543 677794 or drop an email to and we’ll show you how we can help you create marketing collateral, displays and print to reach your goals!


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