Jigsaws, Flying Han Solos and The Best Cheese Ever!

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“Well, that’s it for another year”.

That’s what Mat’s nan used to say every Christmas bless her.

But it is, another one done.

Never thought I’d find myself having a lockdown Christmas to be honest, but any excuse to sit around in my PJ’s playing games, drinking, eating, listening to Christmas music, drinking, eating, watching movies, drinking, eating, is fine with me 🙂

Yes it was different, but we had fun.

Loads of time spent playing games with the kids.

Some good: Articulate, Trivial Pursuit, Beat the Parents

Some not so good: Judes Angry Birds Death Star Jenga game (don’t ask)

Loads of time spent watching films with the kids.

Some good: Home Alone (obvs), Elf, Indiana Jones (all 4 of them)

Some not so good: Santa Claws (again, don’t ask)

We may have eaten a little too much and drank a little too, but that’s what Christmas is all about.

Relaxing, having fun, switching off and recharging the batteries ready for lift off in 2021.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Mat was even doing jigsaws!

I know, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I don’t think it was planned, he was helping Ruby do it and kinda took over.

But between me and you, I think he really enjoyed it.

So, onto 2021.

Back at work 1 day and lockdown shmockdown 3.0 hits us straight between the eyes.

But not to worry, we’re still fully open.

Offering our usual high quality products along with exceptional service.

So, if you have any signage, print or display requirements over the next couple of weeks why not give me a shout on 01543 677794 or email any enquiries to kelly@personalised-nation.co.uk

Right, I’m off to find some cheese in a pot.

Can’t remember where we had it from.

It was a strong cheddar with ale and mustard which was warmed up in the oven.



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