New year, new start?

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2020 – I think we would all agree was not what any of us imagined. 

None of us could have foreseen the way our businesses had to change or how they have been affected. 

2021 brings hope, hope that we will start to see our businesses return to some type of normality. 

Recently we have been discussing the marketing plans that our customers have for next year to help build businesses back up and start to return to their normal marketing plans. 

These include networking meetings, events and conferences. 

The loss of these in 2020 had a massive effect on the ability to attract new customers and build businesses. 

During this time we worked with our customers to change the way they marketed themselves including producing digital brochures that they could send out to potential and existing customers, promotional products to send out to customers to remind them of their products and services and some took the opportunity to refresh their offices and workplaces with signage and window and wall graphics to help build morale in their teams.

Getting marketing strategies planned and chatting to us has helped them plan their budgets and choose cost effective ways to market their business all year round. 

We love being able to get our heads together (virtually at the moment) with our customers and coming up with some great ideas for the marketing materials they can use throughout the year. 

Next year more than ever these will be needed, planning will be essential, and choosing the right materials to make your business stand out will be crucial. 

So if you aren’t ready at the starting blocks of 2021 get in touch and see how we can help you with your 2021 marketing collateral.


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