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A phrase once used by Charlie Sheen, much to my humour.

But do you know what?

When I look back at the whole lockdown shenanigans, I think we have been winning.

In fact, sometimes I think we’ve won the Ashes, World Cup and The Ryder Cup all at the same time.

So how have you been winning?

What have you been doing in lockdown that has changed the way you live, forever?

Here are some of the Nation Clan’s efforts:

  1. Stopping Layla from sucking her thumb ✓
  2. Getting the kids to bake more ✓
  3. Not having any trips to A&E ✓
  4. Moving kids bedrooms ✓
  5. Having loads of family fun ✓
  6. Learnt the kids how to stocktake ✓
  7. Had 3 lockdown birthday parties ✓
  8. Learnt I am no good at computer games ✓
  9. The kids can all get themselves ready for bed without help ✓
  10. Super scooter sessions ✓
  11. Jude learned how to tell the time ✓
  12. Learnt how to hammock (yep, that’s a thing) ✓
  13. Coerced Ruby into being chief tea maker ✓
  14. Not turning into raging alcoholics ✓
  15. Layla learning to ride her bike ✓
  16. The kids can do their own lunch ✓
  17. Having numerous film fests ✓
  18. The big kids are now Daddy lunch makers ✓
  19. Put on some weight ✓
  20. Lost some weight ✓
  21. Put it back on again ✓
  22. We sit down for dinner as a family (almost) every day ✓
  23. Family kitchen raves ✓
  24. Our home still has 4 walls and a roof ✓
  25. Learnt the kids how to pack boxes and use tape guns ✓
  26. Wrapped the kids scooters (new look without buying new scooters) ✓
  27. Became the king of trivial pursuit ✓
  28. Went 4 weeks without chocolate ✓
  29. Eat 2 Magnums and 2 Reece Peanut Butter ice-creams in one night ✓
  30. Ruby is now designated team maker extraordinaire ✓
  31. Mastered home made Yorkshire puddings ✓
  32. Having epic down stairs sleepovers ✓
  33. Became a DIY master ✓
  34. Sacked myself from any DIY duties ✓
  35. Getting Isobelle to homeschool the other kids ✓✓✓✓✓

And these are the ones just at home.

But the biggest one for me, and to be honest I’m slightly amazed, is Dr Who.

Yep, that’s how you spell the theme tune OOOOOOOEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUU!

We’re all hooked!

We started watching it about a month ago, not realising how many episodes there actually are.

We’re currently on Series 5 and still have loads to watch.

But it’s not just the watching of Dr. Who that this is all about.

It’s about having family time.

And if that means being sat in front of the TV for an hour and half every night so be it.

I’m not going to lose any sleep over it and the kids definitely aren’t, they love it also.

And if we do ever miss an episode, for one reason or another, they don’t half let us know.

Especially Ruby, she gives us a right telling off!

If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that change is good.

And when you change things, especially things you think ‘I can’t do that’.

These are the ones that make the most difference and these are the ones that mean the most, both at home and at work.

Right, I’m off to get ready for tonights Dr Who fest, with baked snacks and booze.

And relaaaax…….


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