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It’s always nice to receive a secret package, especially from a client.

This is exactly what happened to us last week.

Having recently completed a great project for Sarah Beattie and the team at Daycare at St Martins, who are based in Solihull.

It was great to be a part of this project from start to finish.

From the initial site visit to discuss the clients ideas and following it through to installation.

After taking the initial design brief and supplying the client with full photoshopped visuals, we then completed the project in three phases.

Phase one: We installed window graphics, wall graphics and internal signage.

Using high quality print self adhesive vinyl and full colour acrylic signs throughout the nursery and in the reception area.

Phase two: We installed more internal window graphics. 

This time for health and safety reasons.

We created some manifestation graphics but not just any old manifestation, manifestation that was in line with the clients branding guidelines.

Phase three: We installed more internal wall graphics and the external signage.

We were involved in this project from start to finish.

From being on site when the building contractors were still working to adding the finishing touches with our branded graphics, displays and signage.

This is the kind of project we love to get involved with.

We help make concepts and ideas come to life.

And you know you have done a great job when the client sends you a little surprise to say thank you.

A lovely box of chocolates and a big bottle of Bailey’s.

A lovely end to a great project.

If you have any plans to make your offices or workspace stand out from the crowd, or if you have any blank wall space that you want to make look amazing.

Why not give us a call on 01543 677794 to see how we can help?


About Us

Our awesome team handle the full gambit of brand design and promotion.

We produce ALLURING graphics, websites that WOW, EPIC print products and SUPERIOR signage and are equipped to tackle any scale of project.

And because we cover the whole caboodle, we safeguard your brand like no other, ensuring a CONSISTENT approach and PREMIUM finish every time.

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