Blank Walls? Bah Humbug To That!

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You know what it’s like. When you see something every day, day in, day out, you get to a point where you don’t see it anymore. It’s just there. Part of the landscape.

Well, we would like to help you turn a magnolia wall (or any colour wall, for that matter) into an inspiring space. A space to highlight your branding, or maybe become a talking point within your premises. Perhaps you want to put your vision statement across in an artistic and eye-catching way?

If your office space isn’t working for your employees then the chances are, their productivity will stop working for you. When did you last ask your team how they feel about their working environment?

The options available are endless, from simple 3D lettering on a blank wall to large format printed murals showing your company’s history or heritage. Architectural wraps can be a more cost-effective solution than a complete re-decoration and can add colour and texture to doors, panels, furniture, stairwells and bars – which can be great news for creative businesses.

If you have passing footfall let’s make the most of the windows and add some window graphics: again, highlighting your brand, contact details, opening hours … and keeping prying eyes at bay as they walk past too!

Don’t forget to look at your meeting rooms and break-out spaces. How many magnolia meeting rooms have you endured over the years? Use your meeting space to make a lasting impression with visitors to your business.

Maybe you’re a multi-site business, in which case let’s go the full nine yards and keep the branding and imagery consistent across your entire portfolio. 

What’s that? You don’t know where to start? Music to our ears! It just so happens that one of the things we love doing is getting creative on your behalf. You’d be amazed at what a fresh pair of eyes can see, so let’s get something booked for January. We can come to you and over a cuppa, look at what’s potentially right under your nose and let the creative juices flow! We’ll then put together a no-obligation quote.

If your walls could talk, we’re sure they’d be telling you to dress them in something SPECTACULAR!


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