Come on Jeff, sort it out!

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It’s been one of those weeks.

You know the ones where you just DO NOT have enough time on your hands.

The ones where you’re running around like a loon.

Not knowing what’s going on.

Not sure which way to turn.

So, it all started last week when the lease on our old unit was brought forward.

Yay, less rent to pay on 2 units

Boooo, got less time to sort out the old unit.

Then on Monday, work commenced on our new mezzanine flooring in our new home in Cannock.

On top of this, it’s Isobelles last week in primary school.

Plus, we’re busy preparing and producing loads of wall graphics, signage and vehicle graphics ready for installation next week.

So as you can imagine, it’s been a slightly frantic week.

And this is where we’d like to give a big humongous shout out to our suppliers who are pulling out all the stops to make this happen!


Sam Harper

Dave Warren

Rich Scandress

James Wilkes



Can’t remember anymore?

This is where your trusted supplier chain comes in really useful.

No hassle, no dramas, jobs done, boooom!

But this is where Jeff comes in.

You know, my old mate Jeff Bezos.

I also class Amazon as a trusted supplier too, so I’d just like to ask him ‘where is my cloning device’?

I’m sure I ordered one last week and it still hasn’t arrived.

Right, I’m off.

As I said, it’s Isobelles last day in primary school today and we’re having a bit of a get together (socially distancing of course) to say goodbyes. I’m not sure who will be more upset, Isobelle or me.


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