Hi-de-Hi Campers! (part trois)

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I believe Kelly has been filling you in on our slightly eventful weekend away the other week

It was a tad cold and to be honest, getting the car stuck was not ideal but we still had loads of fun and made some amazing memories.

We had campfires and s’mores.

We even managed to find some vegan marshmallows for me and Ruby, bonus!

AND we ventured out to the pub for our first meal out as a family for well over 6 months.

They did THE BEST cheese, potato and onion pie, accompanied with home made chips and gravy, it was delicious.

Even Ruby ordered a portion, a full adult portion.

It was humongous, so I obviously thought my luck was in and I would get the leftovers.

I thought there’s no way Ruby is going to eat all this, but she did, every last drop and pudding!

We did some epic yomping (that’s walking in Black Country speak ay it).

Millennium Bridge was amazing and so was our little trip to Solomon’s Temple.

Which did incorporate some epic stick collecting and den building.

The campsite also made its own ice cream.

I know, how amazing is that?

And you can only guess how happy the kids were.

Me and Kelly saved our ice cream eating till the final morning, after we had packed the tent away. 

We treated ourselves to a lemon pie and cherry bakewell flavoured treat.

They were very special, trust me.

The farm also made its own milk.

It was a vending machine where you purchase a bottle then the milk from a dispenser.

Full fat with loads of cream, beautiful in a nice warm mug of coffee first thing in a morning.

So yes, we had a few trials and tribulations, but all-in-all it was amazing.

And one of the things that stood out for both myself and Kelly was how local everything seemed to be.

From the pubs stocking and using locally sourced produce to the shops stocking items made locally.

It was a very tight knit community and there was a real sense of helping each other out by using local suppliers.

Which is one thing we try and do in our business.

We love working locally and love helping businesses grow by offering the complete package for all their branding requirements.

From graphic design to websites, signage to business printing, vehicle graphics to wall-art.

All supplied by our expert team at PN HQ.

If you would like to find out more and see how we can save you time and hassle, then why not give us a call on 01543 677794 or email me at mat@personalised-nation.co.uk.

Let’s have a coffee or even an ice cream and see how we can help you.

Right, I’m off to cut up our credit cards.

Kelly has really got the camping bug now.

She’s buying new shoes, jackets, sleeping bags.

There’s even talk of a camper van on the horizon 🙂


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