Nurseries: Brand Visibility? It’s Childs Play!

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The problem: a very competitive marketplace.

The solution: make sure you’re visible!

This isn’t an uncommon problem, but as we’re coming out of the pandemic and life is slowly returning to normal, one sector that is in demand right now is childcare, and in particular, children’s nurseries.  We’ve been working with Canopy Nurseries to make sure that they are seen – both on site and when they’re out and about. 

We’d been a part of the team on the flagship Canopy Nursery at Wembley Park since the Spring, working on internal graphics, frosted window graphics, various items of signage and wall art and some 3D letters for the exterior, which would be illuminated once installed.   Specifications were very exacting and we worked closely with the project architects, the landlord and the fitout company to ensure the client was happy throughout every stage, and all instructions followed with due diligence.  

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2021.  The nation (as well as the Nations!) was gripped by the Euros, expectations for England’s matches were high, the country had a happy vibe and the Wembley Park Canopy Nursery was in a prime location to maximise on the tournament.

A major football tournament at Wembley means just one thing.  Footfall.  Lots and lots of footfall.

After some brainstorming with the project team, and with a short turnaround time before the Euros got underway, we produced and fitted some stand-out window graphics, informing the world that the brand new Canopy Nursery would be opening in Autumn 2021 and showing contact details for more information.  In terms of investment, those window graphics potentially had a higher reach than a newspaper ad or social media post.  They looked pretty damn fine too!

The Wembley Park project was only the beginning.  Since the summer we’ve continued to work with Canopy Nurseries.  Their new Shrewsbury nursery has had vehicle graphics applied to its cars – again, on-brand and highly visible.  We’ve also finished the production and installation of the interior wall graphics at the Wembley Park site, giving a warm, inviting and fun environment for its users. 

First impressions count, and never more so than when it comes to childcare.  If you’re involved in a nursery, or use one for your own childcare arrangements, take a look around.  Is it looking a little tired and in need of a refresh?  Is the external signage bright and visible? Do you have bland walls or windows that could benefit from some brightly branded graphics? 

Sometimes, it’s easy to miss what’s right in front of you, so a visit to your nursery is also an option – if there’s one thing Mat’s great at, it’s visualisation!

Why work with us? Actually, why NOT work with us?  We pride ourselves on our customer service, we can provide everything you need from external signage to internal graphics, vehicle wraps and regular print items such as business cards.  By using one suppler you’ll be guaranteed brand  consistency across the board, and if you have multiple sites, you’ll only have one central point of contact, wherever you are in the UK.  And with our tribe of 4 mini-Nations at home, we know a thing or  two about the wants, needs and attention spans of children!

Book your initial discovery call here, and let’s turn your nursery into the place to be!


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