Why Redecorate When You Can Re-Cover?

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With prices going up and budgets getting squeezed ever-tighter, it’s all too easy to overlook and live with that tired reception area, those scratched tables, that thinning wallpaper …..

Now, listen up – because we have the perfect solution!

Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful world of architectural wrap.

With a little imagination, architectural wrap can not only smarten up your space at a fraction of the price, but it can completely change the way your space looks.

Marble-effect walls?   Tick!

Wood panelling? Tick!

Natural stone finish? Tick!

Basically, there’s an architectural wrap for pretty much any finish or effect you want to achieve. Yes, even glittery ones!

Architectural wrap is a very popular choice for the hospitality industry, with bar and restaurant wraps costing a fraction of the price when compared to the cost of a full-on redecoration/refit.

In the hair and beauty sector where image and first impressions can make or break a customer relationship, a good wrap can turn a salon from shabby to chic in a matter of hours – and give it that desired wow factor with minimal effort.

The beauty of architectural wrap is that you can cover as much – or as little – as you want. From giving kitchen cupboards an overhaul to wrapping an entire boardroom, reception area or restaurant, it’s the economical answer to all of your re-decorating quandaries!

If you’ve got an area that you think could do with some architectural wrap magic, get in touch, book a discovery call and let’s get imaginative.


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